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June Church Plant Update

June Church Plant Update

It is hard to believe that we are already into the summer months, and it is even harder to believe that we are closing in on a year since our first preview service. Last June we held our first preview worship service on the final Sunday of the month, which marked our first time gathering for worship at Palmetto Family Orthodontics. Since then our young church has officially launched into weekly worship services (September 2017), changed names (March 2018), and have received – as of last Sunday – 25 members. We are so thankful to the Lord for His continued provision, mercy, and grace as we keep moving towards becoming an organized church. With all of that said, we have three exciting announcements to update this month!

Nursery Coordinator Hired

First, we are excited to announce that Village Presbyterian Church has hired our first Nursery Coordinator – Mary Iris Abernathy. Mary Iris officially began on Sunday, May 20th at Village Pres, and she has already been a tremendous addition to our church’s ministry. In addition to coordinating our nursery program as it currently exists, she is also working to help us develop a more thorough plan that will allow us to accommodate more children as we continue to grow. So if you have been waiting to come to Village Pres because of your need for a strong nursery program, now is the time to plug in. And please be on the lookout for a new page on our website that will outline our nursery program. We hope to have that posted by the end of the month.

Tuesday Night Bible Study Summer Series

Second, we would like to invite anyone to attend our Tuesday Night Bible Study Series that meets at Palmetto Family Orthodontics from 6:30-8:00. This summer our series will be looking at how faith in Christ is both the entrance into the Kingdom of God as well as how we grow in the Kingdom of God. We will be looking at various passages each week, so do not worry if you cannot attend all four nights. Each night can certainly be taken as a stand-alone even though there will be a thread connecting all four studies. Our dates for gathering this summer will be: June 19th, June 26th, July 8th, and July 15th. We hope to see you!

Sunday Worship

Finally, I want to just encourage anyone out there who has kept up with our blog series to come join us in worship one Sunday this summer. We are currently working our way through the book of 1 Samuel, and it has been so amazing to see just how relevant this 3,000 year old book is to our everyday life here in Greenville, SC. Our worship services run from 10:30-11:45 each Sunday morning, but we encourage people to come early to meet our members, regular attenders, and guests. And if you are unable to be with us, we do ask for your continued support in prayer. I cannot express just how much all of the prayers for our church have meant. Thank you. And if possible, we hope to see you one Sunday morning this summer!

In Christ,

Jay Crout

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