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March Church Plant Update

March Church Plant Update

As we do on the first Thursday of each month, today is our church plant update blog. This month we have three very exciting things to update!

Brand New Sermon Series

February 11th saw our church complete our first ever sermon series as we came to the end of 1 Peter. It was amazing to see the depth of God’s Word in just one single book, and it made me more excited than ever to begin another book. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to start into 1 Samuel on February 18th.

First Samuel comes on the heels of the time of the Judges in which “there was no king in Israel, and everyone did what was right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25). This isn’t so much a statement about the lack of a human king in the land as it is a rejection of God. God was supposed to be the king over His people, and yet His people had rejected Him. And in the rejection of God as their king, the people in Israel were all doing whatever they thought was right. Israel is in a terrible spiral.

With that background in mind, the book of First Samuel sheds light on so many truths about who we are and who God is. And we especially see throughout this book an increasingly clearer of view of who the Messiah will be, that is, who Jesus Christ will be. Oh what a Savior we have!

Please be in prayer for us as we work our way through First Samuel. And of course, we would love for you to join us one Sunday!

Hiatus from our Regular Blog Schedule

Second, I would like to note that we will be hitting the pause button on this weekly blog during March and April. We will still have our church plant update blog the first Thursday of April, so please look out for that. But I will be taking time these two months to do a few things with our first two blog series in an effort to produce some tools for our church to use. I would ask for your prayers these next couple of months as I work on this.

Important Announcement on March 14th

Finally, Verdae Presbyterian Church will be making an exciting new announcement on Wednesday, March 14th. We are in the final stages of a name changing process, and pending final approval on March 13th, we will be rolling out our new name Wednesday, March 14th. Please check out our Facebook page, our website, or this blog series that day to find out the new name for our young church plant.

Thank you so much for your interest and your prayers for our church. And please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything we can do for you!

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