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May Church Plant Update

May Church Plant Update

It has been two long months since our last blog post, but we are back up and running today with our church plant update and the rollout of a new blog series that will start next Thursday. We have had an exciting two months since our last post, so let me give four major updates on our progress as a church plant.

Name Change
The most visible update to pass along is the approval of our new name: Village Presbyterian Church at Verdae. The selection of this name and its subsequent rollout was the product of four months of work by a number of different groups and individuals. We are so thankful to our God for His provision for us during this process. And we are excited about our new name!

New Members
Since our last blog post we have received 10 new members into our church, pushing us up to 21 members total. Again, it is just a blessing from the Lord that He has brought all of these people into our church. And of course, with the doubling of our church membership in just two months we are now seeing many new and different things in our church body. Please be in prayer for each of our 21 members, their spiritual growth, their spiritual protection, and wisdom for our group as a whole as we continue to move towards becoming an organized church.

That number will actually grow by one this Sunday morning as we will be baptizing Frank Prentiss Hammond IV (Major). Major is the son of Tee and Laurel Hammond, and his addition means that one of our largest demographics is now males under 18 months. We have three! Please be in prayer this month especially for Major and his parents as he joins the covenant community.

Third Blog Series
Finally, I am excited to announce that next Thursday we will begin our third blog series. This new series is titled “Our Beliefs” and will outline our core beliefs as a church and what they mean for us. I am very excited about this series, and I would ask for your prayers for me as I prepare these blogs throughout the summer. Due to some scheduling issues, we will not be able to release a blog every week. But the majority of weeks this summer will include a blog, and they will always be released on Thursdays.

Thank you so much to all of our readers for your prayers and support. If you are ever in Greenville on a Sunday morning or Tuesday night, please join us. You can check out the front page of our new website to find all of the ways that you can connect with us!

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