About Us

We strive to be a place that brings God’s sheep back into the flock.  

For many people this will involve revisiting their faith for the first time in a while.  For others, it will involve coming to a true saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time ever.  And for others, it will simply be taking the step from spectator to participant as they become part of our church family.  

We believe that the Lord has given us this goal, and we look forward to striving for it.

We have a very simple mission statement which comes from Acts 9:31.
“Walking in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.”
Of course, it is our goal to multiply, but we believe the work of multiplication is God’s. The work that we have been given to do is simply walk in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. So our striving is to do those two things and then leave the multiplication up to the Lord!

Village Presbyterian Church is a community of professing Christians who gather together with the purpose of proclaiming Jesus Christ, God’s Living Word, as He is presented in the Scriptures, God’s Written Word.  That sentence says a lot, so let me break it down!

Members of Village Presbyterian Church are those who have done four things.  First, we all have made a public profession that we believe the Lord Jesus Christ to be the only Son of God, the only Savior of sinners, and that we trust in Him alone for our salvation.  Second, we all have been baptized at some point in our lives in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Third, we have submitted our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Finally, we have submitted ourselves to the authority of the church.  These four things are the uniting bonds of our members at Village Presbyterian.  But we are not just a gathering of members.

We also gather together with the purpose of proclaiming the life-giving message of the gospel.  That is why we say that we meet to proclaim Jesus Christ as He is presented in the Scriptures.  It is only in the inerrant and infallible words of the Bible that we can find real truth because it is the very inspired Word of God.  We do truly aim to consistently present this message in all that we do as a church.

It is from these convictions that we set out on living life in light of the gospel message.  We have weekly worship services every Sunday morning.  We meet together on Tuesday nights for a Bible study that aims to meet our outreach goal of proclaiming the gospel.  We serve in mission at the Cascades Retirement Community by leading worship once a month at their location.  And we gather as a core group on Sunday nights to pray, sing, study, and prepare for the work that God is doing in and through Village Presbyterian Church.

We believe that the Lord has positioned us to meet the needs of a very specific group in the Greenville, SC area – the “de-churched.”  If you are unfamiliar with the term then you are not alone.  In fact, it really is a fairly new word in church circles today.  As the name implies, this group of people are those who have been involved with a church at some point in their lives but for whatever reason are no longer a part of a church community.  We typically think of this as someone who attends church less than 10 times in a given year.  It doesn’t mean that this group of people are all non-Christians (although many certainly are).  Rather, it means that they just simply are living outside the covenant community right now.

We have 8 core values that guide the decisions we make as we seek to establish our church.


This series of articles tells the story of how our church plant began.


We hold to the Bible as the infallible, inerrant Word of the Living God. These articles describe various aspects of what we believe the Bible teaches.