10:30 AM – 11:45 AM


    GREENVILLE, SC 29607

Reverend Jay Crout

About Reverend Jay

Rev. Jay Crout is an ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church where he received his call to be the church planter for the brand new Village Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina.  

The location of this new church plant is special to Jay because he grew up just miles from the Verdae area.  He spent his summers swimming for the Gower Swim Team, and he attended the local public schools including JL Mann High School where he graduated in 2003.  He continued his education at Clemson University where he finished with an undergraduate degree in Communications Studies in 2006 and a master’s degree in Human Resource Development in 2008.  

After college Jay moved back to Greenville where he worked in outside sales from 2008-2011.  It was during those last two years that the Lord “invaded” his life.  Jay had declared his split with the church in May 2010, but by May 2011 God had brought him to a true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ from which came repentance, belief, and a following a new King.  Later that year Jay felt a clear call to attend seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and he began his first class in January 2012.

Jay finished his Master of Divinity from RTS in May 2015 and subsequently received a call to take an exploratory position for the ARP Church with the goal of planting a new church in the upstate of South Carolina.  It was during this time that the Lord opened up numerous doors that led to the establishment of this new church plant in the Verdae area of Greenville, SC.  Jay was ordained on December 18, 2016 and began his position as the official church planter on January 1, 2017.

It was also during his time in this exploratory position that Jay began dating his wife Mary Ann.  They were married on January 16, 2016 and welcomed their first son (Hank) into the world on March 27, 2017.  Mary Ann is a school counselor at Greenville Middle School, and they live in the Sherwood Forest area off of Parkins Mill Road.

It is Jay’s deep desire to see a great revival poured out in Greenville.  He believes that Village Presbyterian Church is uniquely positioned to reach a very specific group – the “de-churched.”  As the name implies, these are people who have spent some time in the church in their past, but for whatever reason are not really involved in any church on any regular basis anymore.  This doesn’t mean that these people are not believers – only that they are not fully a part of any true Christian community.  


Jay’s passion for this group comes from his own experience as a de-churched person, living in Greenville, and looking for meaning, purpose, and most of all, peace.  It is the Lord alone who can provide this, and Jay is committed to reaching this group for Christ.  “Come to me you who labor and are heavy laden, and I shall give you rest” proclaims Jesus.  It is Jay’s goal at Village Presbyterian to be a place for all those heavy laden in Greenville to come and discover true rest!