Welcome To Our Website

Thank you so much for coming to visit our brand new website for the Verdae Presbyterian Church. So much work has gone into our new church plant, and it is exciting to finally roll out our public face as we prepare to launch our church this fall. One staple of our website will be regular blog posts on a variety of topics, and I wanted to kick things off by letting everyone know what we plan to do with this blog over the next few weeks.

One of the first questions I get from people, in some form, is to tell them about how we have come to exist. The answer to that question involves a number of stories from the past few years, and I plan to use a series of weekly blog posts to tell this story over the next couple of months. In the end, I hope the whole of these blog posts will give everybody a more comprehensive understanding of just how clearly the Lord has called us to this church plant, in this location, at this time, and in this way. I am constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness to us when I recount this story, and I hope that it might be an encouragement to you as well.

As an introduction to this story I want to give an analogy that has helped me explain the general way that God has guided us this entire time. Imagine being on a road, at night, on your way to a destination. You are certain what that destination is, although you are unsure what it might specifically look like. And you are certain that the road you are on is the right road, but you are unsure how the road will wind and curve up ahead. You are moving down the road at night, and the only thing lighting you way is a series of street lights. Only, the street lights seem to only come on one at a time. You have just enough light to get from one street light to the next. And just as you arrive at the next street light you find that it turns on and provides enough light to see the next street light down the road.

Well that is exactly what this process has been like so far. So as I recount the story of the Verdae Presbyterian Church, I am simply going to be recounting our journey from one street light to the next. I have complete faith and confidence that at the end of this road is a church, but I am unsure exactly what it will look like or exactly how we will get there. But the Lord has been faithful to turn on the next street light every time, and nothing brings me more confidence in this journey than knowing God is the one who is leading.

We will post our blog posts on Thursday every week, so check back next week as I begin our story. And if you would like to receive these via e-mail, please give us your information so we can add you to our list!

In Christ,

Jay Crout