A Pause Button

When I was in high school my favorite video game was the annual NCAA Football game from EA Sports. I would be so excited for that Tuesday in July when the new edition would hit the stores, and I always had it on preorder to be sure I could have a copy that first day. … Read more

Our First Speedbump

If you have been keeping up with these blogs then I bet there might be one thing that has crossed your mind. Everything Jay has written about so far occurred before May 2016, but they are just now getting ready to launch weekly worships services. Why so long a break? Well – that is the … Read more

Village Presbyterian – Circa 1993

In April 2016, as I mentioned in our last blog, we had just received the full approval to move forward with a church plant in the Verdae area. The certainty of knowing where the Lord was calling us to serve provided a great amount of clarity for me as a church planter. But it also presented … Read more