A Three-Legged Table

This blogpost is the fifth installment of a series titled “Our Story”, which tells how Verdae Presbyterian Church has come to exist. Visit our website to see the previous four blogs, and stay tuned for new postings each Thursday! The purpose of today’s blog in the story of our church is not so much about … Read more

A Location Becomes Clear

It was July 2015 that I began my new position with our denomination. The position that I was initially hired for is what we call a “Church Planting Explorer.” In essence, this title is intended to communicate my major task – explore where and how the Lord is calling the ARP Church to plant a … Read more

A Clear Calling

There are certain times in life when God blesses you with a tremendous amount of clarity. May 2015 was one of those times for me. But let me back up a little bit first! I began seminary in January 2012, and three years later, in January 2015, I set out on my final semester of … Read more

It All Began With A Prayer Drive

I always enjoy telling the story of how the Lord brought Verdae Presbyterian Church into existence, and for the longest time I began that story with my own sense of calling to this church plant in early 2015. Don’t get me wrong! I knew that God had been at work in raising this church up … Read more

Welcome To Our Website

Thank you so much for coming to visit our brand new website for the Verdae Presbyterian Church. So much work has gone into our new church plant, and it is exciting to finally roll out our public face as we prepare to launch our church this fall. One staple of our website will be regular … Read more